As a born and raised Prince George businessman, independent researcher and author Paul Serup has had a long-time interest in the operations and welfare of the city, even more so the last few years. Over time, some things have improved, but other have not.

Homelessness is a very big issue, it is a blight that needs to be dealt with, with as much compassion as possible, but dealt with concretely, so areas like the downtown are not awash in grime, used needles, vandalism, crime and lost opportunities for the businesses that are trying to make a go of it. In the short term, the homeless need to be moved to a more remote recovery center and then given the help they need, leaving downtown businesses and residents free to thrive.

Another issue is ending medical coercion, ending city Covid “vaccine” mandates that are wrong, illogical, and unscientific, and that do not help our society.

Also important is the need to reduce waste and wasteful spending of city revenues as well improve the speed and efficiency of the services offered by the city.

Paul Serup asks this question of the voters of Prince George, “May I serve you?”